Literature, photography, film, radio and no fiction. On 23-26 June Cracow becomes the capital of the Polish reportage. Mariusz Szczygieł, Ewa Winnicka, Włodzimierz Nowak, Agnieszka Lichnerowicz, Krzysztof Miller or Katarzyna Boni are only a part of the special guests who will create NON-FICTION Festival – the only such event in Poland.

Malopolska Garden Art in Cracow for four days of the festival will become a meeting place for lovers of reportage, film, radio, and photojournalism. Leading Polish reporters confirmed the participation in the meetings, discussions and exhibitions.

The festival will begin with a discussion about the experience of borders in Europe around a set of reports,”Wall”, edited by Agnieszka Wójciński – exactly on the day of the referendum on Brexit.

Mariusz Szczygieł will talk about his “Project: the truth,” and in the “R. Kapuscinski Prize” you will be able to meet with Michal Olszewski. Throughout the Malopolska Garden of Art will be displayed the exhibition of photography of Krzysztof Miller and Michał Zieliński. From Thursday to Saturday, we will see what are the BORDERS for the top 30 artists of Polish reportage.

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“Non-Fiction Festival will be the only event in Poland showing the entire spectrum of reportage. This year’s theme, “Borders” will be the ideal starting point to talk about the problems posed by cultural differences, divisions in modern society, barriers difficult to overcome, and borders that are crossed with the help of reportage heroes. We’ll talk also about the limits of reportage, as well as the ethical limits of working reporters and photographers.” – explained Szymon Pasaj from RE-PRESENTATIONS Association , the organizer of the festival.

Non-Fiction Festival is the first event in Poland dedicated entirely to reportage. Participation in the festival is free.

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