Protestors took to the streets of Cracow today in black to protest the proposal to impose stricter abortion laws.

The black clothes symbolize a funeral mourning for the death of women’s rights. The coat hangers symbolize the back street abortions that are illegal and dangerous to women’s health.
The current parliament is considering imposing an absolute ban on abortion in Poland after a petition from Stop Abortion reached over 450,000 signatures.

Poland already has one of the strictest abortion laws in the EU with abortion only permitted in cases where the mother’s life is endangered, when the foetus has suffered “sever or irreversible damage” or the pregnancy is a result of rape or incest.

Of course activists on both side argue that the laws aren’t correct as they stand though polls suggest up to two thirds of Poles are happy with the current standard.

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Protestors for Women’s rights argue that stricter abortion laws do not stop abortions, but instead promote dangerous illegal abortions.

A few Anti abortion activist were present around the protest including someone who shouted “communism” at the crowd. Other anti-abortion activists stressed that they were seeking to protect the lives of the unborn children.

Whether the protest has any impact will have to wait to be seen as the proposed change is currently before committee where it could remain for a long time.
A photo gallery from this event can be found here.

Photos: Chris Wilson (Cracow Today)

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