Would you like to know which bank people living in Cracow recommend?
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  • Gido Smid

    I recommend ING because they have an english contract, english webinterface, english app and good (english speaking) employees.. Also a decent amount of withdrawal machines. An they offer all of this for Free! I never had to pay a single cent.

  • ST

    I have been extremely happy with mBank thus far, they have a lot of great online tools. I particularly like that they have a specific statement on their digital documents making them official enough for them to be printed out and accepted by the Polish govt office without having to make a special in person trip to the bank. When applying for a residency permit, any small convenience is a godsend.

  • Edi

    Why you skipped Bank Pekao?


    As for me they heve best offer and best mobile app.

    • Gabriel


      Hi Edi,

      Unfortunately we skipped Bank Pekao and mBank, but thank you for adding it as comment.

  • Irene

    Both Millenium and ING and good options for foreigners. Let me list why I choosed Millennium and why my fiancee closed his account in ING:
    – some millennium branches are open on Saturday
    – whenever you pay something at the shop, balance is immediately updated in your acccount. ING, not so clearly.
    – I can withdraw in all atms without paying a fee. ING, either you withdraw in ING ATM or pay a fee for each time you withdraw in a random atm…
    Other things are like ING like usefule English app, website, etc.

  • Ivan

    I would recommend Deutsche Bank because their offer is very clear, they have simple, but powerful online banking website and great mobile version of it.
    And last, but not least, client service is awesome, I never spent more than 10 minutes either talking to person in bank or in call center.

  • aru

    in Poland, I would like to recommend Bank Pekao but it seems like there’s no on the list. how come? it’s the best on in Poland.
    I also like to recommend HSBC but I think the bank already pulled the plug on Polish market. I have the account in the UK and the service and support are pretty good.

  • Magda

    Getin Bank, for very modern and friendly service and no fees.
    mBank, for the saving option (you make transfer for 145, it takes 150, 145 of which goes as transfer and 5zł goes to your saving subaccount under the main account)

  • Ivo Lucio Isaias

    Injabe just moved from Millennium to MBank and regret so much. MBank app for iOS is very poor, you don’t get it in English and not even notifications for transactions, their website is not in English as well and they don’t even top up Virgin Mobile network. I topped up my Virgin Mobile selecting Play option in Mbank, because Virgin used Play network, didn’t get the credit and was informed in MBank that they could not do anything, and I should go to Play to get my money back. In summry, my premium account in MBank (Aquarius) is worse than the standard account in Millennium.

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