About two thousand people took part Sunday in a manifestation organized by KOD in Cracow. It took place under the slogan “Where is the president of all Poles?”.  The manifestation was organized “in defense of the rule of law, the violation of law and constitutional order.”

The organizers of Cracow demonstration decided to invite the president “to talk about his role in the rule of law and to ask some important questions: Why offend Poles? Why disregards the Polish Constitution? Why does not respect the rulings of the Constitutional Court? We meet here to show that we stand against violation of the Constitution.” – said Dominika Jaźwiecka from KOD.

During and after the demonstrators participants stood in line to sign a large sheet of invitations to be sent to the President’s Office. Queues were also to cans which collected donations. “State law is a difficult matter” “Liberty, equality, democracy” -are some of the slogans chanted by the participants. At the end they sang the Polish national anthem.

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Participants brought Polish and EU flags; they also had banners with slogans like “Worst sort of nation defends the democracy”, “Farther to Brussels, the closer to Moscow” and “Hands off of the Constitution. Among the several hundred people gathered there were also a number of representatives of different political groups. Manifestation went very peacefully.

Source: polsatnews.pl

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