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The idea of Krakó Slow Wines was established in the minds of two people: Janusz Jarosz and Paul Wozniak. Janusz is a collector, connoisseur and restaurateur fascinated by the culture and philosophy of the culinary tradition of multi-ethnic Austro-Hungarian. Paul, after several years of wine trade, founded his own company, dealing mainly with wines from Georgia and the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. It’s not irregular that both teamed up to open a new winebar and shop here in Krakow. The location might not be very popular as it is far away from the Old Town but not from the touristic tracks – it is located right next to Schindlers Factory. The athmosphere is relaxed and inviting and numerous times I have seen events organised there, especially for expat groups. It is a good idea to follow them on their Facebook page to be up to date when they have an event 😉

Where: Lipowa 6F, 30-704 Kraków, Poland – right next to the Schindlers Museum/Factory 😉

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When: Monday: 10:00 – 21:00
Tuesday to Saturday.: 10:00 – 22:00
Sunday: 10:00 – 21:00

The menu: It’s typically a winebar but it’s far above being a typical one 😉 it features caucasian streetfood and also traditional Polish meals (like bigos).
The prices:

– espresso = 7 zloty
– latte/cappuccino = 9 zloty
– hot chocolate = 10 zloty
– mulled wine = 11 zloty
Bigos = 12 zloty
– Baklava = 12 zloty
“Deser Krako'” = the perfect apple pie dessert = 12 zloty
– The Georgian type pierogi (portion of 5) = 20 zloty

Whom to take with you: A friend who is into wine tasting or just go on your own while you wait for a friend to visit the Schindlers Museum/Factory. I have been there alone, with friends, with my significant other half and I always found it a good place to be in.

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Tips and tricks: The place is self service so if you are waiting outside on the terrace, wondering why you are not served… well that’s why! Go inside, have a look at the menu, choose the goodies, pay for the yummy stuff and then get back to your chosen spot: that’s how things work here 😉 so it is better to come in pairs so one can order and one can make sure that he/she saves the spot you like.

 Yours truly,

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  • Fred Gijbels

    I recommend it strongly, nice people, nice service and above all good wines.

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