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Did you know the very first coffee shop that opened its gates on the Bracka street in Cracow was Cafe Botanica? That happened back in 1997 and up to this moment it gained quite a big reputation for being a lovely place to meet up with friends and have brunch. Cafe Botanica holds on TripAdvisor 4 out of the 5 stars possible, with approximately 111 reviews, marked as #147 out of 1029 restaurants in Krakow. When it comes to the value it brings to its customers, Cafe Botanica scores as high as 4,5 points out of 5 available. Cafe Botanica is an oasis of green – be it real flowers or artificial ones. Even the walls are painted to match and there are metal flowers scattered around. There is also a very comfortable inner garden 😉 with a glass roof and it’s always nice to be there when it rains.

Where: Bracka 9, 31-005 Kraków, Poland – just a short walk from the Main Market Square 😉

When: Monday to Wednesday between 08:30 – 23:00; Thursday to Saturday between 08:30 – 00:00 and Sunday between 09:00 – 23:00.

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The menu: Breakfast, British, Brunch, Burgers, Italian, Sandwiches and Vegetarian

The prices:
Sniadanie Mistrzow – The Breakfast of Champions – includes a cup of orange juice + coffee or tea, scrambled eggs with tomatoes and bacon, bread – butter – jam and 2 slices of yellow cheese – 25 zloty
– English Breakfast – 23 zloty
– Italian Breakfast – 25 zloty
– Botanical Omlet – perfectly made scrambled eggs, in the form of a pancake + 2 buns + 2 President butter portions + strawberry jam + coffee or tea – 23 zloty

– Scrambled eggs – 21 zloty
– Breakfast bufet – 25 zloty
– Croissant with cappuccino or latte – 12 zloty
– Salmon tart = 11 zloty per piece
– Vegetarian tart = 11 zloty per piece
– Carrot cake = 8 zloty per piece
– Creme brulee with raspberry = 12 zloty
– Tiramisu = 9,5 zloty
– Red Velvet cake = 9,5 zloty (It always looks amazing!)

Price references are taken in March – April 2016! The prices may slightly change but it always was very affordable to spend time here and the prices on the menu do not change that often 😉

Whom to take with you: I usually like to go alone and enjoy a good breakfast after a workout session in the nearby gym. The music is always soothing and the waitresses are nice, so I like to enjoy my own quality time there 🙂 but I plan on getting some friends there soon, as they saw the pictures and heard me praising the place… so now it’s a must!

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Tips and tricks: Enjoy the back rooms, the inner garden and if the weather is fine you can take a street seating for 2. I really recommend you to get there by 12 o’clock and try out one of their multiple breakfast options. I can say that I tried almost all of them and all are delicious. The scrambled eggs are one of the best ones I ate in Cracow 😉 if not… then make sure you try out the Red Velvet cake 🙂

Yours truly,
The Twisted Red LadyBug

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