From Thursday, October 13, you can rent new urban bikes. What to do to take advantage of them? How much is it? And how the system will evolve? Below is some basic information about the Wavelo system.

       1. What does the new bike system offer?

The main difference compared to the previous KMK Bike is the fact that now the electronic devices are mounted on the bike. This allows, for example, to put a bike anywhere, not necessarily in the station. It is also possible to track the bikes by GPS, which on one hand provides protection against theft, but also allows the user to check their own statistics, and the operator to indicate places with the highest traffic areas where  additional stations are needed.

Bicycles have adjustable seats, three gears, and a durable basket on the steering wheel. The chain has been replaced by the so-called Cardan shaft, which is a more reliable solution.

       2. Where can you rent them?

In the initial phase, until April 2017, there will only be  15 stations, with a total of 100 bikes. In April, the system will grow to 1500 bikes in 150 stations. For now, the stations are located mainly in the city center.

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The bike can be returned outside the station, within the area marked on the map above. For this type of return, you will have to pay an additional 3zł. If, however, you borrow a bike from somewhere outside the station and return it to a station, you get a bonus of 1 zł. The location of the nearest bike can be found on the mobile application.

Warning! The area of the system does not include yet the majority of the southern areas of the city. To leave the bike outside the station in that area will cost 100 zł.

       3. How much does it cost?

Until April, only the holders of monthly subscriptions will be able to use the bikes. A fee of 19 zł will allow you to ride for 60 minutes every day, and for 24 zł per month, 90 minutes per day. After this time, you will pay 5 gr for each additional minute. If on the same account simultaneously we borrow two bikes, for the second, from the beginning,  we’ll pay 5 gr per minute. There are also annual subscriptions, in amount of 179 zł for a subscription of 60-minute and 224 zł for 90 minutes daily.

The money accumulated in the accounts of KMK Bike will pass to Wavelo. Members of the old system got or will get the invitation message, which will involve the 19 zł bonus at the start. If you do not want to go to Wavelo, you have to write an email to The message should include data that will identify the user (name, phone number, e-mail address associated with your account) and the bank account number to which you want the money to be returned.

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       4. How to rent?

To rent a bike, you must first register in the system. This can be done on or by the mobile application. On the internet, we can check the location of the nearest bike and book one of them. Then everything is done using the panel on the back of the bike: entering your number and pin, which is equivalent to renting.

Using the panel on the bike we can also report a possible failure or temporary suspension of the renting. So you can get to a point, pause rent up to an hour, and when you’re done, restart it, and use the same bike.


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