New Bike Lane Along Wielicka Street: Plans For 140km Of Bike Paths In Cracow By 2019

Over three kilometers of bike path will be created along Wielicka Street before the end of this year. Officials just completed the bid process. The work is to be completed by December 15.

The Energopol Company will build two bicycle paths. It will be the section on Wielicka from Jaksa Street to Teligi (1.52 km) and from Teligi Street to Ćwiklińskiej (1.75 km). The first part will cost 2 million zł and the second – 1.7 million zł. The works are to be completed by December 15, and the warranty will be valid for 10 years.

The bidding process is about to commence for two additional two paths, on routes Opolska – Conrada and Obrońców Krzyża – Bulwarowa.

According to city officials, Cracow will have 140 km of bike paths by the end of 2019. Within two years, residents of the southern part of the city will have more than 10 kilometers of trails, which will make it easier and quicker to go by bike to the city center.

“We are beginning the construction of one of the most anticipated cycling paths, connecting the Vistula Boulevards with the south of Cracow.” – said Krzysztof Migdał of ZIKiT.

Additional plans include building three new routes within the Malopolska Cycling Routes, Vistula Cycling Route (5 million zł), Velo Rudawy (8 million zł) and Velo Prądnik (7.5 million zł).


Trying To Rent For Under 1,000zl? Tough But Not Impossible

Cracow is a rapidly developing urban and academic center. Almost 200,000 students study here.  For several years now, the large international corporations have been opening new centers creating attractive jobs that attract young people.

Moving to a new city is a significant challenge. This is true whether one is relocating from one big city to another, or from a small town to a large metropolis, although no doubt the latter situation is more difficult. Those coming from a smaller city may initially find it difficult adjusting to life in  a crowded and busy city.

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Of course, there are housing issues. Few people immediately decide to purchase an apartment. When moving to an unfamiliar city, it is difficult to choose a place where you could possibly spend the rest of your life. In the beginning, it is best to rent an apartment and learn more about the neighbourhood and the city itself.

Renting an apartment is a big expense, especially for a young person, who is pursuing their first job. Although there are many offers on the rental market in Cracow, finding decent housing at an affordable price is relatively difficult.

Below are some rental offers for apartments in Cracow posted on, whose monthly rent does not exceed 1000 zł. Remember- We must also add administrative costs and other expenses to this amount. Notice- Apartments that rent for less than 1000zl account for only 2% of total rental offers listed on the site.

rentThe total monthly fee, where the rent doesn’t exceed 1000 zł, will be close to 1200-1400 zł, depending on the heating. As pointed out by Agata Polińska from, such apartments are in high demand, especially if they are in good condition. Of course, for 1000 zł you cannot expect something fully modern and very fashionable, but one can still find a nice and attractive apartment at a good price. People who are looking for a high standard and do not want to pay 1800 zł to rent a studio can always rent a room in a very modern shared apartment.

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Disruptions To Tram Service Along ul. Westerplatte Starting Saturday

Starting this weekend the tram traffic will be off between Central Railway Station and the Main Post Office. This is due to emergency track repairs. The work will begin on September 24 and will last until Sunday, October 2.

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During this time, the following changes will occur in public transport:

  • Lines 7 and 12 will be suspended;
  • Line 3 will run from Krowodrza Górka to „Dworzec Główny” with no change, then through Basztowa, Dunajewskiego, Podwale, Straszewskiego, Franciszkańska, Dominikańska, św. Gertrudy to the Main Post Office and then will continue unchanged to Nowy Bieżanow; the frequency remains unchanged;
  • Line 10 will run from Lagiewniki to “Stradom” stop with no changes, then through Dietla, Grzegórzecka, Powstania Warszawskiego to Ronda Mogilskie and continue unchanged to Pleszów; the frequency remains unchanged;
  • Line 20 will run from Cichy Kącik to “Uniwersytet Jagielloński” stop with no changes, then the through Piłsudskiego, Straszewskiego, Podwale, Dunajewskiego, Basztowa to the Central Railway Station and continue with no change to Mały Płaszow; the frequency remains unchanged;
  • Line 24 will run from Bronowice Małe to “Teatr Bagatela” stop with no changes, then through Podwale, Straszewskiego, Franciszkańska, Dominikańska, św. Gertrudy to the Main Post Office and continue unchanged to Kurdwanów; the frequency remains unchanged;
  • Line 52 will run with from Czerwone Maki to “Stradom” stop with no changes, then through Stradomska, św. Gertrudy, Dominikańska, Franciszkańska, Straszewskiego, Podwale, Dunajewskiego, Basztowa to the Central Railway Station and continue with no changes to Os. Piastów; frequency in peak hours will be reduced to 10 minutes;
  • Line 62 will be suspended;
  • Line 662 will run on all days of the week. This change will be introduced from the night of 24/25 September and of 2/3 October.
  • Line 72 will be introduced temporary, operating on the route Os. Piastów – Piasta Kołodzieja – Mikołajczyka – Broniewskiego – al. Andersa – Bieńczycka – al. Jana Pawła II – Mogilska – al. Powstania Warszawskiego – Grzegórzecka – Dietla – Monte Cassino – Kapelanka – Grota-Roweckiego – Bobrzyńskiego – Czerwone Maki; line 72 will run only during rush hours at every 10 minutes.


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