Małopolska Agglomeration Card (MKA) will facilitate travel for Cracow’s students. Students of the University of Science and Technology (AGH)  will be the first to benefit from it. They will no longer need separate student ID cards to travel by public transport in Cracow and Agglomeration Rapid Rail.

MKA has been extended another function, which will benefit students of the Cracow University. Thanks to it, they will be able to have in a single document discounted tickets to KMK and railway. You can apply for it at the university, in a special service point located in the Electronic Card Centre or through the portal

“Students, especially in Cracow are a very large group of users of public transport. Often their choice is also on the railways. Therefore it was necessary to adjust the MKA to their needs. Now one document will allow them to use both of these means of transport, together with their discounts and regardless of whether they buy a season  or single tickets.” – said Jacek Krupa.

Thanks to the integration of the systems, Małopolska Agglomeration Card (MKA) and the Electronic Student Card (ELS), AGH students and others in the future, will be able to benefit from the MKA without having to carry a student card, which, until now, has confirmed the right to purchase reduced fare tickets.

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When registering to the MKA system you only have to indicate the university and the index number. The system will periodically check their current status at the university. During the check, the student will be automatically informed of the rights entitled to discounts.

In October, AGH students wishing to take advantage of the MKA offer will be able to make use of the service located on the university at Electronic Card Centre ( C1 Hall). This is where you will register in the system, pick up your MKA card, and even buy your first ticket.

At AGH there is now an MKA vending machine, which, in addition to ticket sales, will enable yo update ELS status in the system.

Currently, the MKA system offers its users (on the MKA card and iMKA application) purchase of single and periodic tickets on rail travel – Malopolska and Regional Rail – on Rapid Agglomeration Railway routes and public transport in Cracow and Tarnow, as well as 10% cheaper periodic integrated tickets (train + urban transport). Also, MKA users gain free access to Cracow’s Park & Ride. Soon, at MKA vending machines everyone will be able to buy paper tickets for public transport in Cracow.

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iMKA application also enables to buy more than one ticket in a single transaction. This means that if traveling with the family it is enough for one person to have the application and buy tickets for the others.

iMKA was equipped with the “favorite” feature which will remember the most purchased tickets and propose them in the first place during the next run of the application.

As a result, in less than a year since the official launch – MKA system has become a leading and complete solution for all people using public transport.

“The MKA project is constantly evolving. More than 30 municipalities have already expressed willingness to participate in the project. We are also preparing to include in the urban transport system Nowy Sacz and Zakopane. In the longer term, we assume that with the MKA card will also be possible to ride the Malopolska buses and private bus carriers.” – said Jacek Krupa.

Małopolska Agglomeration Card is an integrated ticket that allows the use of different means of transport in Małopolska, and in the future also with other services – like paid parking zones or tickets for museums. MKA has been operating since December 2015 in the form of a mobile application and a secure card.


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