Poles And French Work Together For Clean Air

On Thursday, a conference organized by the Municipality of Cracow, the French Embassy and the Consulate of the Republic of France, was held to exchange insights and experiences on the fight to improve air quality. The meeting was opened by the Mayor Jacek Majchrowski. Among the guests were: Julie Roussarie, Air and Environment Chief Specialist of […]

New Rules For Free Public Transit Following Smog Days

City Hall has developed new rules for implementing and informing citizens about free transport on days when air quality standards significantly exceed normal values. Average concentrations will be counted twice a day – the first average from 1:00 until 16:00, the second from 12:00 to 22:00. If the level of PM10 exceeds 150 micrograms/m3, free public transportation will […]

5000 Furnaces Eliminated But Will It Help?

With the temperature dropping it is just a matter of time until the smog will once again be felt in Cracow. This year should be better than the last. Should be. But the level of smog depends on many factors. One of the most important is temperature. Witold Śmiałek, the Mayor’s adviser for air quality, estimates that this […]

Cracow is a good role model

Satirical information blaming Cracow because of smog appears every day online. Unfortunately, our city is more and more associated as a dirty, polluted and full of smog. Cracow is a city that most actively and effectively fights with poor air and should be promoted under such terms.