Using Wavelo: 4 Things You Should Know

From Thursday, October 13, you can rent new urban bikes. What to do to take advantage of them? How much is it? And how the system will evolve? Below is some basic information about the Wavelo system.        1. What does the new bike system offer? The main difference compared to the previous KMK […]

6 things to know when renting an apartment

According to last year’s estimations of  Lion’s Bank, 1.6 million Poles are renting an apartment. A growing part of the population has a problem to get a mortgage. Since 2009, the number of tenants grew by about 800.000 people. Many of them are also students with knowledge on safe rental housing. Here are six things […]

We are launching our forums

Dear expats, It is our pleasure to introduce you to our brand new forums. Here you can post your ad about places to rent, things you wish to sell or questions that you feel are unanswered. No worries, we didn’t forget about jobs, you can find them right here.