The new academic year has started. For many young people, it will be their first contact with institutions of higher education. But also with their first job. According to Work Service experts, students will have no problem finding a part-time job.

For students will be easiest to find employment in trade, office work, taking care of children and in call centers. In telephone customer service, you can count on an average salary of 12.5 zł gross per hour. Higher average earnings are in babysitting – 21 zł, basic office positions – 13.5 zł or working at a gas station – 13 zł.

According to Krzysztof Inglot, for the young people in the labor market it was never so easy. All thanks to the level of unemployment and demographic decline.

“Last year we recorded about 64.000 fewer students, and they are the first group to enter the labor market. What’s more, we have, unfortunately, a growing group of the eternal students. More than 73.000 people aged over 25 years are economically inactive, who declare that they are still studying, thus delaying taking the first employment.” – said Krzysztof Inglot.

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According to a representative of Work Service, at the beginning of the academic year the number of offers designed just for students, which are characterized by flexible working hours, have increased. These type of offers are the result of a shortage of staff.

Although many jobs tailored to the student schedule do not fulfill their expectations, only at the end of the study, they can count on higher earnings. According to the data from the report Education at Glance 2015, salaries of people with higher education are more than 70% higher than those who finished their studies at the secondary school. Statistical data does not fully coincide with the reality.

“People with higher education can boast higher average wages than those without. It is related to statistical factor, as these results may be inflated by people in positions of management or a seat in companies boards. This is usually a small group of people, but they have more than average wages. This is not changed by the fact that the economies based on human capital, can clearly see the impact of higher education on wage levels, because in these models, the market eagerly absorbed specialists from various fields.” – says Krzysztof Inglot, Head of Market Development at Work Service SA.

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