Sia, alongside Massive Attack, was one of the most anticipated artists at this year’s edition of the Krakow Live Festival.

Sia performed in the traditional black and white wig and with a big bow on her head. From the folds of the skirt, after some time, ran out Maddie Ziegler, a young dancer accompanying Sia in music videos and concerts.

The concert began very spontaneously with a piece of “Alive.” Shortly after, Sia sang the song “Diamonds”, which she wrote to Rihanna, and which turned into a worldwide hit. Going by the hit key, Sia, continued with “Cheap Thrills” and somehow slowed down the tempo.  The audience extremely enthusiastically greeted every new song.  As a reward Sia sang even her two biggest hits, “Titatnium” and “Chandelier”.


Throughout the concert, Sia stayed on one side, becoming almost a secondary character. The center of the stage was taken by the dancers and Maddie Ziegler. Their thrilling performance gave the whole concert a theatrical character, full of emotion and passion.

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Sia is famous for her eccentricity. She hides her face behind a wig and recently sang with her back to the audience. Her concerts are a coherent whole, the artist does not interrupt them by chatting with the audience. It was the same at Krakow Live Festival. Only at the very end, a little moved, she thanked the Polish fans.


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