An impressive statuette and a diploma will receive everyone who in 2016 will complete three events: 15. PZU Cracovia Marathon, 10.PZU Three Mounds Race  and 3. PZU Cracovia Royal Half Marathon.

“On Sunday, May 15 I invite you to the 15th anniversary of PZU Cracovia Marathon. I hope that everything will be “five”. There will be new proposals in the three-day running of Cracow Running Meetings. We will start on Friday with the Night Run, a 10 kilometers race. I am convinced that everyone willing will find for themselves the appropriate distance. In 2016, we want to honor the most persistent runners who will finish 15. PZU Cracovia Marathon, 10.PZU Three Mounds Race  and 3. PZU Cracovia Royal Half Marathon.” said Director of ZIS, Krzysztof Kowal.

Last year 317 people satisfied the eligibility criteria to receive the statuette.

A potential candidate to gain one of the statuettes is Justyna Dziadoń.  “I work full-time in the hospitality industry, so I run as an amateur. For one and a half years I am regularly training in Andrzej Lachowski’s team. As a result, in 2015 I ran with a good result all three runs organized by the Board of Sports Infrastructure in Cracow. To do this, you need to find time for a minimum of five workouts a week, have a lot of determination and perseverance, but most importantly, enjoy it. The runs forming the Triad are varied and quite demanding. They can, however, be realized. A nice idea is the statuette, also as a symbol of overcoming your own weaknesses.”

More and more imposing are the statistics on the number of people willing to participate in the 15th PZU Cracovia Marathon and at Cracow Running Meetings.

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Until 7th of April on 15. PZU Cracovia Marathon were signed up to nearly 7000 people, of whom nearly 5600 had paid the entry fee. There are also 558 foreign marathoners from 40 countries.

About 2200 entries were recorded for the Night Run (1700 people have already the starting numbers).

Thursday’s press conference was an excellent opportunity to show for the first time marathon t-shirts – with the drawing of  Andrzej Mleczko.

The main sponsor of all three runs is PZU, whose main activity for the running events is the campaign “Share a kilometer”.

On May 13 and 14 this campaign will take place on Błonie, and on Sunday, May 15, on the main square. It involves encouraging Poles to help others. According to the slogan, the task of every person who visits the zone “Share a kilometer ”, will be to overcome at least one kilometer on a treadmill, stepper, ergometer or bike.

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From this year, PZU launched an additional zone for children with appropriate equipment and a zone for Nordic walking. As a result, the action “Share a kilometer” is designed for families, which together can raise money for a charitable purpose. For every kilometer ran through the 15th Cracovia Marathon PZU, PZU will donate 10 PLN for the Regional Specialized Children’s Hospital Św. Ludwika in Cracow.

This year the action will be carried out during several events related to running, sport and a healthy lifestyle. Absolutely everyone can join.


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  • kath nolan

    When is the krakow half marathon in 2016

  • tony clixby

    Will there be a 5K or 10K race at the same time as the half marathon October 16 2016? I am bringing lots of UK runners

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