According to the study “Report on Polish cities” prepared by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), the strongest side of Cracow is primarily a perfect image, and thus the tourist attractiveness. In addition, the city is distinguished by a high social and cultural potential.

“We are very pleased that the report has enough good words about Cracow and that we were able to identify areas that we can improve, above all, improving the quality of life of residents. In the near future we intend to achieve it through the development of transport and the elimination of low emissions.” – said Elizabeth Koterba, Mayor of Cracow Deputy for Urban Development.

The latest “Report on the Polish cities” is the third edition of this study. The previous two were published between 2007 and 2011. The report is an assessment of opportunities and development areas facing the 12 Polish cities belonging to the Union of Polish Metropolises.  In this report are described in detail the most important areas of development: finance, investment, infrastructure, institutions, image, people and quality of life.

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The report’s authors emphasize that Cracow, thanks to a very good image and consistent promotional strategy, attracts tourists from all over the world. On the other hand, also it offers good conditions for life using the potential of cultural and educational. This in turn helps promote the city also in terms of investment, which attracts the attention of well-known companies. Continuous improvement of infrastucture also attracts the investors.

In terms of the unemployment Cracow is rated on position 5 out of the 12 analyzed cities. Above him are Poznan, Warsaw, Wroclaw and Katowice.

“The biggest asset of the capital of Malopolska, which has a direct impact on the investment attractiveness, are the people who work here and study: they are the engine of economic development. 800 000 people, including more than 60% of working age who are creative, educated and speak foreign languages ​​at a level above the average makes Cracow a center, where to locate business ventures. More than 100 companies operating in the sector of modern services, representing the largest global brands could not go wrong by choosing Cracow at its headquarters. Cracow has so much potential to become a brand in itself, not only in the context of historical wealth, wonderful sights and magical atmosphere, but also in terms of economy based on knowledge, innovation, technology, which together form a new and better quality of life for residents. “- said Elizabeth Koterba.

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However, like any city described in the study, also Cracow has to improve some areas. One of the most important is to improve the environment by carrying out effective action to reduce air pollution. According to PwC experts city should also continue to work on increasing investment attractiveness, especially for foreign investors, as well as proceed with the improvement of municipal finances.

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