The number of residents’ pretensions about the Plac Nowy increases all the time. People are demanding time restrictions for food selling. They also complain about noise which is caused by drunk from the surrounding bars and restaurants. Municipal police calculates that in 2015 the inhabitants asked for police help 229 times.

These were requests related to offenses against: the peace and public order, security and order in the communication issues and matters relating to the maintenance of cleanliness premises. Interventions were also related to offenses against public decency and destruction of public property.

More than 80 actions were taken by police initiative. They were mainly related to improper parking. The guards imposed a total of 20 fines and instructed more than 50 people.

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Residents called for the municipal police already 51 times although only three months of 2016 passed. The issues bothering people are similar to requests in 2015. After analyzing the reports police states that Plac Nowy is a place without significant violations of law.

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