• Why are we here?

    Because we saw how tough it is to be an expat and we don’t want everyone to fight for the information. There will be only one place, to rule them all 😉

  • Who are we?

    We are a group of locals and expats living in Cracow, Poland, willing to dedicate time and patience into helping other expats out. Finding the answers to their questions.

  • Why us?

    Because we strive to get all the relevant information and opinions to one place, where you can have everything one click away.

  • Where can you find us?

    You can find us online on Cracow.Today and if you wish to join us and be part of our team, please check out the CONTACT US page 🙂



Hi, I am Gabriel, coming from Transylvania but living as an expat in Cracow since September 2013.
I love this city and I like to change and create useful things for people around me, that’s why cracow.today is here.
Email: gabriel [@] cracow [.] today
Phone: (+48) 530 817 710
I am also visible on:     



Hey! I’m Maria. My journey brought me to Cracow in the middle of 2015 and since then I’m enjoying and experimenting being an expat. I like to learn new things and help others. That’s why Cracow.today is the new challenge for me.
Email: maria [@] cracow [.] today