Renovation on Mickiewicz street

On 7.06.2016 will start the renovations on Mickiewicz street. The workers will replace the asphalt on the road. Traffic jams might occur in the area.

Second stage of asphalting on Wielicka

Please note that from June 3, 2016 (Friday) from 20:00 to June 6, 2016 (Monday) to 4:30 on Wielicka street will take place the second stage of renovations: asphalting the road in the direction of Wieliczka for approximately 950 meters from the intersection with Dworcowa street to the intersection with the Kamieńskiego street. Movement of vehicles […]

Basztowa LOT stop is changing the name to Stary Kleparz

“Stary Kleparz” – so will be called the stop from Basztowa street, who had been called until now Basztowa LOT. After moving out of LOT from Basztowa Street, Cracow officials asked residents how should be called the popular stop. Few options were on the list: “Basztowa”, “Długa” and “Stary Kleparz”.

Repairs on Wielicka from today

From today, the drivers will encounter traffic jams on Wielicka street. Road workers will be asphalting from Kamieńskiego to Podgórski Cemetery.