Smog alert – 11th January

Comparing to the previous week, air pollution indicators are decreasing. Regardless of that we will still be facing high pollution today. Here you can find air pollution indicators, values and health effects.

Smog alert – 7th of January

Since the beginning of the year air quality is getting worse. Southern Malopolska announced the second degree of air pollution risk. The daily air pollution standards were nearly doubled on Wednesday. According to Regional Inspectorate for Environmental Protection average of five stations in the last 18 hours was 144 micro grams per square meter. Free […]

Free rides

Usually this should be a good news but in this case, the free ride is asociated with high air pollution in Cracow. City Administration is trying to find solutions in order to reduce the pollution. One of them is taking the bus or tram instead of your car in the days when indicators of air […]