Netflix in Poland!

The pickup line “let’s Netflix and chill” can now be used worldwide because Netflix has just been launched in more than 130 countries during their CES Las Vegas 2016 keynote, therefore it is available in Poland –

Plays in English – Krakow King’s Players

Krakow King’s Players is a nonprofit community theater group which provides live theater and musical performance. Krakow King’s Players strives to embody the aspect of ‘community’ in “Community Theater” by focusing on the development of respect, care, and nurturing within its community of players and members.

2015 – record year for Cracow Airport

In 2015 Cracow Airport (KRK) handled 305 826 passengers, an increase of 14% compared to December 2014 and best December result in the history of the airport. The record was also the year of 2015. For the first time in the history Krakow’s airport closed the year with a score of more than 4 million passengers. […]