This is an important message for street artists and residents of the city center. This year, the artists performing in the cultural park of the Old Town will not be able to use during their performances sound equipments. “We received complaints from both, residents and companies located within the market. Sometimes there is such a noise that prevents the normal functioning.  All performers will have to have a permit. If someone wants to play the guitar or other instruments, they can do it but without using sound amplifiers.” – said Jan Machowski.

Such a decision of the Department of Administrative Affairs is not a novelty for street artists that are applying for permission to perform on the Main Market. They can still present their work, but without the use of amplifiers.

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There’s no new news that the Market Square is one of the noisiest places Cracow. Due to the numerous complaints of inhabitants, the City decided that it will not sign contracts with artists, who use sound amplifiers during performances.

For sure Cracow will not lose from this new rule. Artists will still create atmosphere in the Market Square, but not in a noisy way.

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