Although the history of Polish wine culture is very rich, wine is not a beverage that is typically associated with this country, like with Spain or Italy. But Cracow’s Silver Mountain Vineyard, operating since 2008, wants to change the perception of local wine in Poland. The wine called ‘Polka’ just went into wide commercial distribution.

Silver Mountain Vineyard is located on 28 hectares and consists of two parts. The first is in the Bielany area and the other in neighboring Przegorzały. The search of a site for the opening of the vineyard took three years. Different locations were taken into account, where wine was produced in the past: the former Bernardine monastery vineyards in Staniątki and Tenczyn castle in Rudno, where in the past there was the Potocki vineyard.

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Eventually, it was decided to locate in Bielany, near Cracow, which for years was not used.  Now the vineyard boasts quite a large production. In 2012, it produced more than 16.000 bottles of wine and 65.000 bottles by 2015.

Research shows that in Poland, women prefer to drink wine. They constitute 58% of people declaring drinking wine in the last year. Wine is a product that 70% of people buy expecting to drink it in the company of women. This data was used by representatives of the vineyard to target the potential of this group of consumers. With this in mind, the “Polka” wine has entered wide distribution in Lidl stores. It is the first Polish wine to penetrate the market.

“Analyzing the results of the research we decided to create a flavor compositions dedicated to women. Thinking about women’s tastes and expectations and at a price corresponding to their understanding about affordable wines, we created Polka. Pleasant, balanced and mild in taste.” – said Miroslaw Jaxa Kwiatkowski, co-owner of the vineyard.

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Available in the store, are white dry wines and semi-dry pink from 2015 and a dry red from  2014 and 2015. 20,000 bottles were distributed and this is expected to increase.

“We wanted to increase the distribution of our wines and get to a wider audience. We have created a wine whose price fully reflects the quality. We hope that it will appeal Poles taste, and will have its share in promoting the culture of wine drinking.” – said Mikołaj Tyc, co-owner of Silver Mountain Vineyard.

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