Dearest expats,

Guess what?! Valentine’s Day is here and it is also celebrated in Poland, as Walentynki, even though it is a borrowed celebration. After the communist regime fell, people (especially younger people) were very enthusiastic about taking up new holidays and celebrations. This is one of it but I think it fits nicely with how gentleman like the men in Poland are. It is customary to see men buying their mum’s, girlfriend or wife flowers on a regular basis. The chivalry is NOT gone in Poland!

With Valentine’s Day here, you will want to have something prepared for your better half, especially if you are a guy!

You could start the day by preparing her some lovely breakfast, if you have the cooking skills. In case you are lazy or you just wanna get on the sage side, you can always pick one of the lovely coffee shop/houses in Cracow. I really recommend the french cafe on Plac Szcepanski: Charlotte. The best part: amazing breakfast options with homemade jam/marmalade and soya milk. Downside: everyone wants to have breakfast there so it’s almost always full – reservations are in order! But if you don’t have reservations and you still want a lovely place nearby, I can recommend the Bunkier Cafe. The bright side: amazing fresh juices and fingerlicking great pancakes! Downside: it may get a bit chilli, due to the fact that it is outside and the walls are made of plastic… Option #3 and still in the area: Magia Cafe, right next to the St. Mary Church (Mariacki Kosciol). Positive: great hot chocolate and homemade dessert. Downside: crowded + the awful toilet option.

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After you had the lovely late breakfast, you can take a stroll up to the Wawel Castle and further along the Vistula. You can buy a lock, in time, and scribble your name on it and lock it together on the lovers bridge. Make sure your throw away the key in the Vistula river, to seal the pact the bridge is the one linking Kazimierz to Podgorze and it’s the only pedestrian only bridge in Cracow. It’s called Kladka Sw. Bernatka.

Then I suggest going to a movie and having maybe lunch at the Pod Sukiennice. Try out the fiery sword – it is a perfect lunch for two, and it’s quite a feast for your eyes once done, make sure you exercise those extra pounds from the food you ate, by having a lovely long walk to one of the Cracow Kopiec (Cracow Mounds) to watch the sunset and… if you are lucky… to see even the stars, if there is no smog 😉

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Either way, don’t forget to buy her candies and flowers, else she will remember that and remind you for the whole rest of your life be gentle and kind and treat her like a lady.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Yours truly,
The Twisted Red LadyBug

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