Summer is the time when the bike stealing is extremely common. Vehicles disappear from different places, so here are some basic principles that will protect you against the loss of your bike.

As explained by representatives of the police usually with the declaration of theft many people mention they only left the bike for a while (in front of the store, office or their own block).

In any case leaving the bike ,especially new and expensive, the owner should remember that not all people are honest, a thief will use every possibility.

Important things to remember:

1. Equip the bike with extra security measures. Some clamps or cables are made from poor quality materials and it is not a problem for thief to destroy them with basic tools. Therefore, before purchasing the protection you should seek an advice from more experienced friends or experts.

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2. Do not forget about bike. On the way home, when you decided to come to the store (even for a moment!) the bicycle should be bound. It takes longer to steal protected bike and it increases the chance that you will catch the thief. Never leave unattached bike outside the shop or other place open to the public!

3. Pinning the bike to the bars or other elements that have rather decorative than security function is not a good idea. If it is too thin a thief can take it along with your bike.

4. Leave the bike on the balcony only when you are sure that it is a protected place.

5. Write frame number and other numbers impaled on a bike and take some pictures. In case of theft you will pass this information to the police.

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6. If your bike is stolen – immediately call the police.

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