Choosing a car insurance can create a dilemma for anyone.  The fee for car insurance is one of the major elements of the budget allocated annually for transportation. It is a mandatory expenditure, without which you can not legally use the car.

You can not avoid it, but you can choose the most favorable option of the many insurance companies.  You can also choose whether to give up the purchase of additional insurance policies. An impact on the overall price has the payment method, usually it is smaller for one-time payment.

There are many insurance companies with different types of insurances and offers.

OC Insurance – mandatory

OC is a liability insurance that every car traveling on Polish roads must have. If you are using a car with an invalid policy, you can receive a penalty. The same rule applies in case of  delays in signing the contract:

  • 3 days – 700 zl
  • from 4 to 7 days –  1750 zl
  • over 14 days – penalty fee is 3500 zl
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In practice, however, this situation rarely occurs. At this moment, if you forget to extend the policy, it will be done automatically by the insurance company. OC is needed especially for the perpetrator of a traffic accident because this policy will cover effects of any damage to property. This can be either vehicle repair or the cost of treatment/ rehabilitation of the victim.

The cost of insurance policy depends on many factors. These include the age of the car, engine capacity and drivers experience. Many insurers also offer discounts if you didn’t have any incidents. Usually it is 10 percent per year. You can lose this if the damage to the vehicle is more than 20 percent of its surface.

AC – personal car insurance

 AC – Auto Casco, is an insurance policy designed to protect the vehicle from damage, destruction and even theft. Some insurance companies also offer protection for the equipment of the car in whole or in part. AC insurance usually covers:

  • Fire, explosion or drowning
  • Vehicle collision
  • Natural desastres
  • The action of others
  • Vehicle theft
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In the case of AC, you can choose so-called All Risk, which is a policy covering all events (except those excluded in the agreement). Casco insurance is not cheap so you need to carefully recalculate whether it pays to choose it.

NNW – protection for driver and passengers

This is another additional policy and is worth to take it into consideration together with the OC. NNW insurance belongs to the group of personal insurance, to protect the life or health of the passengers. The amount that the injured passenger can receive depends on how much you paid for insurance.


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