This Sunday Cracow authorities, representatives of the Jewish community and residents will walk in the annual march in honor of the murdered 73 years before.

The march will begin at noon on March 13 and will start from the Heroes of the Ghetto Square. Then the participants will walk through the streets Na Zajeździe, Lwowską, Limanowskiego, Wielicką, Jerozolimską and reach the obelisk at the former concentration camp in Plaszow.

German occupiers established a ghetto in Podgorze in March 1941. There were displaced more than 16000 Jewish citizens of Cracow. After two years of existence of the ghetto, the Nazis decided on its final liquidation.

Most of Cracow’s Jews went to a neighboring camp in Plaszow. Currently, the area is still disorganized, and the tragic history of this place is pointed only by few sign plates.

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Moreover, the Jewish community is concerned about the incidents that have occurred in recent weeks at the former camp in Plaszow. In late February, a construction company, looking for the old pipeline, dug a hole in the place where before the war there were two Jewish cemeteries.

On the surface it excavated also a dozen bones. About all this, police was informed by walkers. Besides this, the construction company was working without the consent of the Jewish Community in Cracow and conservator of monuments.

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