From Tuesday, drivers driving through Podgórze will have big difficulties – the highest since the start of the construction Zabłocie-Krzemionki liaison. Will be closed to traffic almost the entire intersection on Wielicka and Powstańców Wielkopolskich. Officials encourage on using trams, but for now we can not count on additional courses.

The investment comes in the peak stage: the shield junction must be mounted on the two longest flyover’s spans, 78 and 81 meters. For safety reasons, it is necessary to close the traffic. In the intersection will be installed six temporary supports.

Responsible for the investment, PKP PLK and the contractor – Budimex – declare that the difficulties have been extremely limited, so that they last as short as possible. It is difficult, however to explain to drivers who for about three months will have to benefit from the intersection only to a minimal extent.

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The Management of Municipal Infrastructure and Transport warns against the big difficulties and encourages residents to use the public transport. For now, however, there is no decision to add more trams on Wielicka street. Additional courses will be introduced only in September, along with school timetables.

“We will keep an eye on the situation and react if necessary.” – said Piotr Hamarnik from ZIKiT.

From Tuesday will be changed buses route through the closed intersection.

  • lines 174 and 178 in the direction of Os. Kurdwanów/Pod Fortem will run to the Stoczniowców stop with no change, then through Nowohucka, Klimeckiego, Herlinga-Grudzińskiego, Zabłocie, Na Zjeździe, Limanowskiego, Wielicka, Powstańców Śląskich and continue along their regular routes. In the opposite direction will be maintained the route by Obrońców Lwowa flyover.
  • line 643 in the direction of Złocienia will not stop at Powstańców Śląskich on Wielicka street.
  • line 669 in the direction of Nowy Bieżanów will run on the tram-bus lane. The Powstańców Wielkopolskich stop will be the same as for the trams.
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The other lines serving Powstańców Wielkopolskich stop will run unchanged. For drivers are offered the following detours (map):



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