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    Intern looking for accommodation short term

    Hey ho everybody! Bob is a Croatian modern and contemporary history student, coming to Cracow as an Erasmus intern in the ending of March and staying for two months (from 1.4. – 1.6.).

    He will be working in the Jewish Heritage Museum, near the center, and he thinks this is a good time to start searching for cheap apartments and awesome roommates! As he’ve already done exchanges in the past (Prague, USA), he is very comfortable with meeting loads of new and interesting people from all around, having fun and, of course, respecting each others privacy when needed. He kinda like checking movies in art cinemas all around (I know Cracow has an awesome one!), walking around new places and discovering things, listening to sad music (alright, there are exceptions 🙂 ) and taking b/w photos on my super old camera.

    Generally everyone is more than welcome to join him in search of discovering Cracow, step by step, while splitting rent expenses at the same time, which would work just perfectly! For all sorts of questions (weird or not) and offers, please do let me know via PM on facebook, he’ll be more than happy to answer! Oh, and if there are some Portuguese people that are coming at a similar time, that would just be a big plus, as he is trying to learn the language (he kinda suck at the moment). In exchange, he can offer good will, awesome coffee making and generally funny thoughts regarding just about anything. Thank you!

    Contact: Bob (on facebook)

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