Officials want to reduce the number of events taking place in the Main Square. They are preparing a list of events that could take place there. The document is to be known by the end of the month. Work on new regulations on entry of cars on the city’s Main Square are also close to be finished. The final version is likely to be presented next week.

The list of events is a response to the protests of the residents of the Old Town. “I understand events like New Year’s Eve, but on the market every now and then someone puts a scene and music and is noisy. It is difficult in these conditions to relax in your own home.” – said Elżbieta Kruk, a resident of the Old Town.

At this moment officials do not want to reveal about what kind of event is all about, only that in the Main Market will be held the most prestigious events in Cracow.

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What about the rest of the events that will not be included in the official list? Magistrate plan that culinary festivities to be held on the Wolnica Square. Historical events, cultural and promotional activities to be organized in the Small Square, while the Szczepanski Square  is to be “reserved” for various types of exhibitions.

A ban on entry to the Main Square and on public roads within the ring road for vehicles over 5 tons, change the hours of car entry – are just some of the ideas officials have on changes regarding the entrance in the Main Market. These have already been discussed with the residents. The final shape of the document is likely to be published next week. When will apply? This as yet unknown.

The fact that there is a problem with cars on the Main Market, it is known for a long time. Drivers often violate the provisions governing the zone A and enter the in the Main Square even if they do not have permission to do so. Only in 2015 the Municipal Police stopped 1301 drivers who broke the rules and entered the market.

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We have imposed 404 penalty fines, 882 people have been warned and 15 applications for punishment headed to court However, only in the first two months of this year, the guards stopped 98 drivers.  31 of them received penalty fines, 66 received warning and one case was referred to the court. “ said Marcin Warszawski from Municipal Police.

The situation is not going to improve by the fact that the Cracow Administration is issuing in mass consent for cars to move in the market. Only in the period from January to October 2015 were issued 1124 permits.

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