What kind of ticket should users of public transport in Cracow purchase? The municipal carrier encourages citizens to purchase a season ticket, which is cheaper and more practical than one time tickets. These savings will be useful to anyone, especially for Cracow’s students who can enjoy the cheapest semester ticket in Poland.

As can be seen from a comparison of semester ticket prices for students, prepared by the Student Service Account, a semester ticket for students in Cracow costs 184 zł, in Wroclaw: 185 zł, Lublin – 190 zł, and in Gdansk – 223 zł. Warsaw and Bialystok have only 3-month tickets (for 140 zł and 115 zł). It is also worth noting that Cracow was in third place among those cities in terms of savings on the purchase (21.7 %).

Lets assume that the daily journey to work is beyond a 20-minute ticket and requires one for 3.80 zł, In addition, we have to buy it twice: on the way to work and back. Taking into account 21 working days and multiplying it by 2, our trips will cost 159,60 zł. For comparison, the monthly ticket (urban) per line costs 46 zł, on two lines of 64 zł, and on all lines  – 89 zł. In addition, we can use it repeatedly and in every day of the week, and not just for commuting to work and back.

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Savings can multiply if we buy few monthly tickets in advance (2 to 12). We then receive a 1 % discount per month. In a year, we can save 118 zł. How is it calculated? A monthly ticket purchased throughout the year, every month, is 1068 zł. On the other hand bought from the start for the next 12 months, taking into account the discounts is 950 zł.

In addition, students (or pupils) who will be able to invest more money right away, can expect even greater discounts. They can buy so-called semester ticket for 184 zł, valid on all lines for 5 months (150 days). That compared with daily tickets which will save them at least 215 zł.

It is also possible to “shorten” the validity of the season ticket and get the money back for the unused period. Such reimbursement can be made not later than 16 days before ticket’s expiration date.

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Also twice per month during the validity of the ticket, you can change the number of the selected line. It is free, you only need to go to the point of selling season tickets.

It should also be noted that during the repairs of tracks and streets, season tickets purchased before the changes, are valid on the old and the new routes.

When buying a ticket for one or two lines, you can travel on the selected route with any other tram or bus. Such convenience for passengers has only been introduced in Cracow.

Source: krakow.pl


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