People looking at the photo exhibition in planty

A collection of different travel photographers works are on outside display in Planty next to Juliusz Słowacki Theatre. These photos aren’t limited to one photography but encompass a group of photographers who bring the world to our own doorstep. They include projects focusing on the similarities and differences between different cultures, the incredible scenery around the world and more.

coexist photo from exhibition in planty

The collections stretch from Szpitalna street down to the underpass by Lubicz and Pawia. If you have some free time and are in the centre or Cracow, why not head down to Planty and see some wonderful photos of the wider world. Just be careful. You might catch a case of Wunderlust!

hummingbirds photo from exhibition in planty

Planty was originally established between 1822 and 1830 to replace the old medieval walls of the city and so surrounding the old town. Now it is a 21,000 square meter park right in the heart of Cracow that is a fond place for tourists and locals to pass time.

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