The disputes of taxi services and Uber are well known. Now, however, the taxi drivers plan to formalize their activities. Their group at the Ministry of Infrastructure has developed a draft amendment to the Law on public transport, which can block Uber’s activity.

The proposed project involves, among other things, that Uber drivers should be required to get the same license as the one used by taxi drivers. The project also includes penalties of up to 10 thousand zł. Interestingly, they are to be applied immediately, and the controllers will collect a deposit.

In addition to the towing of the vehicle operated by a driver without a license, the driver violating the proposed rules would be reported to the Office of Electronic Communications, in order to lock their computer and mobile programs.

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According to Tomasz Stysia, an expert at Sobieski Institute, there is no foundation to punish Uber drivers. “We should rather think about what to do to resolve sharing economy to create synergy with the resources of the Polish economy and encouraging innovation.”

An advocate of the sharing economt  is Anna Streżyńska, Minister of digitization, which appreciates new solutions that are attractive from the point of view of the customer. “Solutions introduced by Uber are competitive, they give a large level of customer care and are affordable. The sharing economy will grow in different areas and that it is impossible to suppress. Rather, we should determine the public interest, in short, to ensure the safety of the client and flow with the new current.”

If the changes come into force, in addition to Uber drivers can suffer also courier companies, as the rules require a license by the carriers of things, however, it is too early to refer to the idea of taxi services.

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