We recommend: Mo-Ja Cafe

Dearest expat friends, Don’t you hate it when you wake up late and you have no restaurant available for breakfast options anymore?! Fret no more, as Cracow has a place that serves now breakfast all day! You heard that right: ALL DAY! And it’s only a few minutes walk from the Main Market Square. The […]

We recommend: Matras Bookstore & Cafe

Dearest expat friends, Cracow holds many hidden gems that only locals know about and today we will share with you one such gem: Matras Bookstore and Coffee Shop, located on the Main Market Square – Rynek Glowny. “In 1473, in Kraków, Kasper Straube of Bavaria set up the first printing house in Poland and in […]

We recommend: Choco Cafe

Dearest expat friends, There are a lot of little wonders, hidden gems in Cracow, just waiting to be discovered. They take the shape of museums, coffee shops, pubs or even quaint shops and cinemas. One of these secret wonders is the Choco Cafe, located just a few steps away from the Main Market Square – […]

We recommend: Cytat Cafe

Dearest expat friends, Today it is time for a treat from the Kazimierz (Jewish District) area of Cracow. We have moments when we pass certain places dozen of times and we never go in, until that precise day when we think… “Why not give it a go?” and it becomes a place on the list […]