We recommend: Pijalnia Czekolady WEDEL

Dearest expat friends, Having a piece of chocolate a day keeps your heart in great condition, did you know that?! Well that is why I want to present you today a place that focuses on the magical properties of CHOCOLATE! E. Wedel, known as Cadbury-Wedel Polska between 1999 and 2010, is a famous Polish confectionery […]

We recommend: Pub Stajnia

Dearest expat friends, One of the most well known and critically acclaimed movies of all time, especially on the topic of the Second World War and the Jewish extermination initiated by the Nazi party, is Schindlers List. All shot in black and white – in order to make the impact on the public more powerful […]

We recommend: Lipowa 6F/ Krako Slow Wines

Dearest expat friends, The idea of Krakó Slow Wines was established in the minds of two people: Janusz Jarosz and Paul Wozniak. Janusz is a collector, connoisseur and restaurateur fascinated by the culture and philosophy of the culinary tradition of multi-ethnic Austro-Hungarian. Paul, after several years of wine trade, founded his own company, dealing mainly […]

We recommend: Coffee Eleven

Dearest expat friends, Coffee Eleven opened its doors on the 25th of October 2014 and ever since it has a growing number of followers and friends coming again and again to test its goodies. Located on the Royal Route going from the Main Market Square to the lovely Wawel Castle, Coffee Eleven is not a […]

We recommend: Cafe Botanica

Dearest expat friends, Did you know the very first coffee shop that opened its gates on the Bracka street in Cracow was Cafe Botanica? That happened back in 1997 and up to this moment it gained quite a big reputation for being a lovely place to meet up with friends and have brunch. Cafe Botanica […]