How to secure your bike

Summer is the time when the bike stealing is extremely common. Vehicles disappear from different places, so here are some basic principles that will protect you against the loss of your bike. As explained by representatives of the police usually with the declaration of theft many people mention they only left the bike for a […]

How to register your stay in Poland

Most probably the words you have often heard in your first days in Poland were rejestracja and zameldowanie. In a language we all understand this mean residence permit and temporary stay registration. According to Polish law if you are living here for a period exceeding 3 months then you have the obligation to register your stay.

How to spend a Valentine’s day in Cracow

Dearest expats, Guess what?! Valentine’s Day is here and it is also celebrated in Poland, as Walentynki, even though it is a borrowed celebration. After the communist regime fell, people (especially younger people) were very enthusiastic about taking up new holidays and celebrations. This is one of it but I think it fits nicely with […]