Get ready for Fat Thursday!

Dear expats, If you come from Italy, Spain or Greece, you might not find this as odd as some of us… as you already celebrated Fat Thursday before! But for a new expat, non-catholic, reaching Poland at this time of year… this day may seem a bit odd…

February – book’s month

Seventeen locations and thirty events. In February, the book will be a pretext for debates and visiting unique places. You are invited to free book exchange as part of the Second Life for Books Programe,  Book Discussion Club meeting, theater workshops and meetings with outstanding writers. Events will be held in Tourist Service Centre, Central Public Library in […]

Plays in English – Krakow King’s Players

Krakow King’s Players is a nonprofit community theater group which provides live theater and musical performance. Krakow King’s Players strives to embody the aspect of ‘community’ in “Community Theater” by focusing on the development of respect, care, and nurturing within its community of players and members.