Despite the frost, in 23.01.2016 at 12:00, in the Main Market Square in Cracow were about 3,000 demonstrators on the third manifestation of Committee for the Defense of Democracies (KOD).

Manifestations were also held in Brzeszczach, Tarnow, Olkusz, Zakopane and Cracow .

The aim of the protest was to show opposition to  surveillance of citizens. According to the organizers amendment to the Act will led the citizens to lose their privacy.

The event started depicting scenes eavesdropping and surveillance of Poles. Participants also sang mocking songs. Organizers cited the Adam Mickiewicz, which was supposed to be a reference to the fact that he was under surveillance and sentenced for life outside Poland.

On the stage was  Andrzej Celinski, a former minister of culture, who came to Cracow for a lecture on freedom and responsibility.

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Poland’s online media laws are some of the most invasive in Europe.

Following October’s election in Poland, the right-wing Law and Justice Party came to power.

At the end of last year, the Polish government extended its powers to allow it to hire and fire the heads of TVP, which commands the largest share of the country’s TV audience, as well as the publicly owned radio network and press agency.

The European Broadcasting Union, which represents public broadcasters in Europe, has also expressed its concern. “The haste with which this new law has been rushed through parliament strikes a discordant note about Poland and its respect for the rule of law and the democratic process,” EBU director general Ingrid Deltenre wrote in a letter to Poland’s President Andrzej Duda earlier this month.

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