statue with a chair on father bernatek's bridge krakow cracow

Overnight a group of four Statues have appeared on Father Bernatek’s footbridge which joins Kazimierz to Podgórze. The four statues are of a variety of acrobats in different poses and with different equipment including a man flying over a chair, a woman on top of a hoop, a figure contorted around a 3d cross of pipes and a woman balancing with a metal pole.

statue with a hoop on father bernatek's bridge krakow cracow

The “lover’s bridge” (as it is also known) is already popular with tourists and locals alike due to the tradition of adding padlocks to the side of the bridge and the bridge’s modern design. Not to mention the fact that it helps connect Kazimierz and Podgórze together for pedestrians including many walking tours which pass by. These new additions will no doubt add to its appeal and photographic opportunities.

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statues on father bernatek's bridge krakow cracow

At the moment we don’t know who is responsible for the statues or how long they will be there. If you know any information about them, please let us know below.

statue balancing with a pole on father bernatek's bridge krakow cracow

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